Particularly popular destination for foreign tourists and Athenians, given its relatively short distance from the capital. It owes its name to the abundant waters, which gushed from the rich springs it had in antiquity. It has an important naval history and tradition. Restored mansions, the old picturesque port with the loopholes and cannons, museums, monasteries, the naval school, compose the image of the island, which testifies to its important historical significance. During the struggle of the revolution of 1821, Hydra together with Spetses and Psara played an important role, due to the great naval power they had. In the Revolution of 1821 Hydra had 186 ships.

Large shipowners, sailors of 1821 and politicians come from the island. Among them are Andreas Miaoulis, Kountouriotis, Kriezis, Tsamados, Sachinis, Tombazis, Sachtouris and others. This naval tradition is continued to this day by its masters and sailors, a small local fishing and passenger fleet and the Merchant Marine Academy, which began operating immediately after the 1821 revolution and is the oldest operating merchant school in the eastern Mediterranean; Nowadays it is housed in the mansion of Lazaros Tsamados and Maria D. Sachini and auxiliary buildings donated by Ath. Kouloura.

The city of Hydra, which is the only city on the island, has been declared a protected area and wheeled vehicles are banned. It is spread over two rocky hills and is full of traditional houses with tiled roofs, bright blue doors and windows. Hydra has been one of the favorite destinations of Greek and foreign visitors for decades. There are 300 churches and five monasteries on the island.

The most important celebration today in Hydra is Miaoulia, which are events dedicated to the action of Admiral Miaoulis and all the sailors and arsonists and take place every year, towards the end of June.

Hydra, more than any other Greek island, inspired the Fine Arts. Famous Greek and foreign painters depicted its landscapes in their works. Great artists, such as Pablo Picasso and Marc Chagall, visited her and captured her strict shapes in drawings. It is no coincidence that in Hydra there is a branch of the School of Fine Arts since 1936, which is housed in the four-storey mansion of Emmanuel Tombazis and Xanthi D. Sachini in the right part of the port.

Hydra is connected by ferry, all year round, with the other islands of the Saronic Gulf, as well as with Methana, Ermioni, Porto Heli, Nafplio, Tyros. It has no airport and may never get one because of its mountainous terrain. The island does not have a helipad either, but there is a flat area near the city of Hydra which the helicopters use as a take-off and landing area.

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Σπέτσες / Πόρτο Χέλι - Ύδρα

Οι στάσεις στις ιδιωτικές του παραλίες, το Mira Mare, τα κρυστάλλινα νερά, τα γαϊδούρια στο λιμάνι και οι 365 εκκλησίες από τον 18ο αιώνα θα σας κάνουν να νιώσετε ότι επιστρέφετε στο χρόνο εξερευνώντας…

Αίγινα – Πέρδικα – Αγκίστρι

Ανακαλύψτε τα κρυμμένα μαγαζιά στα σοκάκια του νησιού.

Ένα ταξίδι που σίγουρα δεν θέλετε να χάσετε…

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