Accompanying VIP Yacht for Yachts

Riviera sea cruises has a range of luxury Escort Boats tailored to your tastes to enjoy speed rides exploring all the places not accessible by large yachts.

Take your guests to the port, go out for supplies, show up at the beach in style, escape to a hidden private beach for a whole day.

In our range there are also security boats for greater security according to your needs.

VIP Tender Yacht

Riviera sea cruises have support vessels in mega yachts tender from 6 to 12 meters, inflatable and polyester boats with a capacity of up to ten people.

Among them there is a very special Boat of a well-known American company fountain 29 fever the Boat is designed for fast transport comfortable for guests has a modern line Black Boat with red leathers its interior is with alkadara hidden lights and mini bar.

This particular Boat is a collector because the Company has just launched two boats in the world in black color and there has been a tender on well-known super yachts as well as it has transported several famous show biz.


Photos from our boats